From: Adetutu Folasade-Koyi, Beijing

Executive Secretary of All China Journalist Association (ACJA), Wang Dongmei, has opened up on why some social media are restricted in the country.

She said restriction of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, is to prevent western social ills from penetrating China through the youths and added that it was also, to prevent social unrest, which could be disseminated through these social media.

Wang told a delegation of Nigerian journalists, on tour of the country, that the Chinese government is not ready to lift the restriction and that any social media website which wants to operate in China should be ready to abide by the country’s laws.

“Talking about websites, the internet security office will set out information and, every year, they communicate with international parties to perfect the institute.

“Harmful information like gambling, drugs and pornography cannot be released in China. Also, information that can cause social unrest is controlled in China.

“Any international social media company which wants to invest in China market should follow Chinese laws. If they can abide by our laws, no problem, but, if they refuse to abide by our laws, we will not let them.

“It is a fact that the government of the People’s Republic of China will not entertain any form and or practice capable of causing ripples in the society and as such, there are limited accesses to uses of social media, such as FaceBook and its like in China.”

The ACJA scribe posited that any international, socialising company bidding to get approval from the Chinese government, to operate in the country, must be ready to abide and follow the country’s laws, as  regards social media.

“If any socialising institution wants to get a permit, it should first follow the law and if it refuses, then, the Chinese government will not let it in.”

The Senior Editor also told newsmen that China has over 41 media organisations, 230, 000 certified journalists, 2,400 radio stations with about two million personnel. She insisted there is no gag on the Chinese Press.

“We have a free press and observe a favorable working condition with the government and in accordance to news regulations here, the media have no direct contact with the government. The government only assists us to do our work better and there are committees instituted to protect journalists’ legal rights.  Our association is the bridge between the government and journalists. The government does not deal with individual journalists…” said Wang.