A young female undergraduate in one of the top universities in Nigeria (named withheld) has cried out after she claimed she was stripped off her hard-earned money by a scammer on Facebook.

According to the chats made available exclusively to NAIJ.com Gossip, the scammer, Damilare Adeniran, added the young female undergraduate on Facebook and they got talking inbox.

During their discussion, Adeniran who claimed he lives and works in the UK promised to buy his victim an Iphone6, laptop, wristwatches and perfume. Adeniran who also said he’s from Kwara state claimed he has a 17-year-old daughter who stays in Nigeria with her mother (his wife).

The alleged scammer Damilare Adeniran

Although the young lady could not hide her disbelief, Adeniran said he was helping the lady because he knows times are hard in Nigeria.

The CNF code sent to the female undergraduate to claim her ‘package’ when it arrives Nigeria

He even said he added some foreign currencies in the cash gift and all she needs to do is to pay for courier when the package has arrived. Read their chats below to know what went down afterwards:

The unsuspecting victim got two purported messages from the courier service outlet which go thus:

Courier Exp

“HELLO! This is to notify you that your parcel are currently pending for clearance and delivery in our channel kindly contact the agent in charge of your parcel agent Favour on (+234 7082 0764 05) to submit the tracking code/CNF code to clear your goods. Thank you”

“Hello! Miss ****** **** ****! Your parcel has just been confirmed kindly make the payment of your clearance charges (#7550) to the diplomatic agent account (*** BANK ***** ******* ***********) for your goods to be delivered Today after a confirmed successful payment. Thank you!”

And not long after, Damilare Adeniran contacted her, saying he got a mail that she had been contacted. He also said he kept some money in the parcel which is why he wants her to claim the parcel quickly before the courier company gets to know there is money in the package. Read the rest of the chat below:

It was at this point that Damilare Adeniran blocked his victim and she was unable to send him messages anymore. There and then, she knew she had been scammed of her money. According to her, she borrowed the money from her mates in school and she is sharing her experience so that other people will not fall victim like she did.

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