*This Is a draft of how the zoning and choices can be made, do well to begin and prepare your mind of your choice state(s)*
*1. North Central(NC) Zone*







Federal Capital Territory
*2. North East(NE) Zone*






*3. North West(NW) Zone*







*4. South East(SE) Zone*





*5. South West(SW) Zone*






*6. South South(SS) Zone*

Akwa Ibom


Cross river




It’s no new news that the new policy of the NYSC which started from 2016 Batch A orientation course now allows every corps member to choose 4 States of their choices to serve their father land which one of the chosen 4 states would be selected at random by the NYSC management. This is how to make the selection:
1 state from the *NC* zone

1 state from either *NE or NW* zones

1  state from either *SE or SS* zones

1 state from the *SW* zone. Thank you.

Official NYSC Camp Registration

1. CALL UP LETTER: This is a vital part of camp registration and the only evidence that you are a prospective corps member

(colloq. Corper, or Otondo) and you are

not impersonating anyone. This will be

taken from and not returned to you. So if at all you even forget you luggage never forget this.
Tip: Since many will choose the N4,000

option to print online, do try to use a café with laser jet printers and not DeskJet.
Why? Documents printed with DeskJets are more susceptible to water/moisture damage. Just to be on a safer side and you should do this with any document you intend to keep for a very long time. If you can’t find a LaserJet, use anyone.
Tip: DO NOT LAMINATE IT! And keep it like its your life. I know someone who was sent back because she forgot hers. Also someone who had to beg and beg before his letter was collected because he laminated his own copy. So please avoid all these stress and make enough copies of this letter.
Tip: Remember you can REPRINT your

Call-Up letter online if subscribed

(N4,000) to that option.
2. Registration Documents: If you’re a

foreign graduate, take along the original credentials you uploaded (to the NYSC Portal) for physical verification / evaluation. >> The List here
3. Green Card: It contains your bio-data. Print and bring along your signed copy.
4. Final Year Student IDENTITY CARD
5. Notification/STATEMENT OF RESULT from School.

Now make about 10 copies of every

document required. There would be

photocopiers in camp at mammy market but trust me, it is double the price and it saves time.
7. PASSPORT PHOTOGRAPHS: This is very important. Take as many as you can, about 20 in red backgrounds. You would need them for different kinds of registration. e.g, skill acquisition groups, religious groups, sports, redeployment, bank account opening e.t.c
8. My CLEAR BAG: You’ll need to put the aforementioned in a portable envelope/ bag that can withstand some amount of wear/tear. Hence, My Clear Bag.
Tip: The forms that will be handed to you are very easy to fill. Attach your passport where necessary and fill them correctly. After your registration, you will be issued

with your State Code Number. This will be like your PIN throughout your Service Year.


9.  CERTIFICATES/LICENSES: For Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses & Lab Scientists, take along your proof of certification. Graduates of Medicine and Pharmacy are expected to have their Certificates of Registration with Nigerian Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (NMDCN) and

Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN)

10. STATIONERY: PEN, PAPER, GUM. This saves time and lots of unnecessary begging.
Tip: Some camps do seize staplers at the gate during check-in. But do not forget to include pins in your stapler if you still decide to take it along.

You will be given a meal ticket that gives you access to the Camp kitchen for the 21 days. Lose it and you have to feed yourself. Even if you do not intend to use it, you will come across someone who would appreciate the kind gesture.
Tip: After getting your NYSC State Code Number (which you have to wear around your neck all through camp with your ID card), you can proceed to claim your NYSC Kit and Mattress after which you can proceed to get a Room. After you have gotten your kit and secured a place in the hostels, you can settle down and you are good to go to start the Military parades.

Now, Your NYSC kit should contain 1

NYSC Crested Vest, A pair of Khaki

Trousers, Cap and Jacket, 2 White T-

shirts, 2 Pairs of Knickers, 2 pairs of

green-stripped Stockings, A Pair of

Orange Jungle Boots and One Pair of

White Converse. A “Belt” is also included.



11. ROUND-NECKED WHITE T-SHIRTS: This is an essential outfit in camp in fact in most camps this is the only allowed cloth to be worn throughout your 3 weeks. Even to church, you might not be allowed to wear colored cloths. You would be given 2 pairs of white t-shirts at

camp to just fulfill all righteousness

which surely would never be your size

especially our very slim and small otondo in size . So you can bring extra pairs (6).
Why? Because you probably wont have

time to wash during the week after being stressed out from the parades and Man- O-War drills.
Tip: Do not carry more than 2 pairs of

colored clothes because you wont need

12. WHITE SHORTS: I beg you please do bring yours. you would also be given 2 pairs of shorts which are really poor in material. They tear easily and it can be annoying. So my dear Otondos bring like 4 pairs of shorts. Trust me also you wont like to wash everyday, so bring enough to last you like 3 days so that you wont be stranded.

SHOES: This is a very important outfit. you would also be given an ugly pair of low quality white tennis shoes

customized for NYSC. It’s either you are not given your size although you can find someone with your size and swap. But after the first wash it starts tearing. So just buy yours (white). They also sell this

in camp, so in case you are not able to

get you could buy in camp just carry

extra cash for that because the price

would be higher – as with everything in Mammy – because they know you haveno choice than to buy. Now, If you

happen to camp during the rainy season (Batch ‘B’ & ‘C’), get white rubber sneakers/boots especially if you’re posted to the Southern part of the country (esp. the South South. Read, Bayelsa). 
The parade fields/mammy market will be messed up after the rains. You will get this in camp. Rubber boots in action. Kaiama Camp, Bayelsa. Batch ‘B’ 2013
14. WHITE SOCKS: Just get extra pairs.
15. PADLOCKS: [BRING or BUY from

Mammy] Please lock your boxes and

bags to avoid regrets and tears. I know someone who lost more than 5 items including his two phones – like he’s the only one in camp.
16. WAIST POUCH: /Fanny pack/Bum bag (or for the more fashion-conscious, a cross-body purse). The bum bags are more popular because they won’t bang against you when you’re active and your hands are free to do whatever. You need it to carry your money, phone, small valuables, pens, etc around with you at all

times. You should sleep with it too.
17. MOSQUITO TREATED NET: You would do not want to fall sick in camp from malaria and miss out on the fun. Just bring yours. Also bring ropes you would use to hang it. The nets usually have these. I also used mine as a room to protect my box and properties from thieves and also from some insects and ants.
18. BASIC DRUGS: Like paracetamol,

medicine for your allergies, menstrual

pain relief drug, nausea relief drugs,

antibiotics e.t.c. The camp clinic is

sometimes inadequately s tocked with

drugs so help yourself. To all my friends 

 get set for this [truncated by WhatsApp]

If You have finally seen your name on the Senate List in NYSC portal..I will say congratulations.. That’s a step ahead and a confirmation that you will go for service..
Note : please confirm if the name on the Senate list corresponds with your name.. Your name ,matric number,and all other important details..

During your registration, you are to Register in the NYSC/Jamb accredited cafe centers.. While going to the cafe, check if they are approved by NYSC/JAMB please don’t go to any cafe that isn’t on the NYSC portal list and register,it may backfire during camping.. 

When going to the cafe,go with your 
1. Recent Passport photograph
2. Active Google mail.
3.Your Jamb Registration number 
4. The registration Fee.
5 Know your Blood group and Kits size
Your photograph will be taken, a thumb print will be done, your details will be imputed ranging from your NAME,SURNAME, STATE OF ORIGIN, PLACES (STATES YOU’VE VISITED), WHERE YOU RESIDE,STATE WHERE YOU SCHOOLED, MARTIAL STATUS, BLOOD GROUP, A SIGNATURE (U SHOULD BE ABLE TO SIGN IT AGAIN), JAMB REG,CHOICES OF STATES YPU WANT TO SERVE, NUMBER ETC..please fill in the correct details or you may face challenges at later on..
AFTER the thumb printing and all, NYSC will forward a continuation link to that your email..and you open the email to continue with those details above..once you are done..The cafe attendant should print out a Paper for you.. That paper is call YOUR GREEN CARD.. 
THE GREEN CARD contains your full NYSC CALL UP NUMBER, name, Your kits specifications details, your educational qualification details, your next of kin, etc..
NOTE : Don’t forget the username and password you used in your online registration, and your Call up Number!  
Print Your green card, make photocopies and keep it safely.. NYSC will alert you on when to print your CALL UP LETTER!

Step 1: *Report to your Place of Primary Assignment(PPA)*
The first thing to do immediately after leaving orientation camp is to report at your place of primary assignment. If peradventure, your PPA is far from your orientation camp, go to the community for the night and settle down and the following morning, go to your PPA.

What you will be taking to your PPA is the posting letter that was given to you on camp after the passing out parade (camp POP) on the last day of the camp. The essence of taking your letter to your PPA is to determine whether they will accept or reject you.

The posting letter is a letter addressed to your employer, and a detachable form is underneath.

Advise: make a photocopy of your posting letter before submitting.

At your PPA, the person in charge of corps member will either accept or reject you.

In the detachable form, the PPA will either write YES or NO and stamp it.

For example, if your PPA is a school, the principal of the school will stamp the detachable part of the form and write YES/NO in the acceptance Column.

If he write YES, that means you can continue your steps further, but if he rejects you, read on how to take a new posting letter when you are rejected
Step 2: *Submit your letter of acceptance to your Zonal Office or Local Inspector office as the case maybe:* once you are accepted in your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA), the form will be detached and you will be given the end part of the form and your PPA will keep the other part, you take the part given to you to the Zonal Office and submit.  Depending on how far your PPA is to the Zonal Office, if it is very far, a local inspector will be attached to your area who will collect the form from you and record it in a register as you bring your slip.
Step 3: *Open a Bank Account*

Immediately you bring your acceptance letter and you fill the register, the Local Inspector / the person attending to you at the Zonal Office assign you to a bank. Go to the bank immediately with 3 passport photograph and your NYSC ID Card lest I forget. For the next 1 year, you must always carry your ID card along anywhere you are going to. Your ID card will open doors for you (depending on how you utilize it)
Step 4: *Go back to the Zonal office/LI’s office to fill in your bank details*

Do you know why I’ve been patiently listing all this into steps, its because so many corps members are eager to travel back home, so they will just open the bank account and travel home, and will now come back to complain they have not been paid. The reason is because they did not fill the account register before they travel. So‎ once you are through with your account opening, you will be issued a bank account number, endeavor to take this account number back to the Zonal Office and fill in the account register book.

In the account register book, you fill in your account number, bank and your signature. Your signature must be the same as the specimen you gave while on camp.
Step 5: *Enjoy your 2 weeks leave (depending on you PPA)*

Once you have finished steps 1-4 and you are sure, you can now travel, go for a training, read book for the next two weeks depending on your PPA.  If your PPA is a school, most times they are either already on holiday period or about to start. So enjoy the holiday with them. But if your PPA is a private firm, ministry and other parastatals, your leave will be dictated by them, so please adhere to it.
I hope you have found this article helpful. Please share to your corper friends as it will help some people to reduce their stress of  settling down after camp.
In summary, the steps to take are

1.    Report to your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA)

2.    Submit your letter of acceptance to your Zonal Office or Local Inspector office as the case maybe

3.    Open a bank account

4.    Fill in your bank account number in the account register at the Zonal Office/Local Inspector

5.  Enjoy your 2 weeks leave (depending on you PPA)😉..

Written by:

Ece Henry.